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I welcome you to a rich and fulfilling experience with TESFA Football Academy and invite you to become a part of our world-class Football training programs. TESFA provides a broad and balanced environment where youth players can grow into successful, confident, and influential soccer players. We are dedicated to helping all of our players realize their true potentials.
Students at TESFA Academy do not only excel in academics. The Academy is committed to a balanced program that allows players to discover their talents and strengths and grow as individuals. This balance results in excellence in all areas including athletics, academics, service, and leadership.
TESFA Academy actively promotes character, creativity, and citizenship that will set our players apart for the rest of their lives. Since the founding of the academy, a goal of KIS is to encourage our players to become professional footballers. We know our players will make a difference, and we believe in each of them.
We invite you to join our TESFA community for the best time of your life.

Louis Jung

General Manager


Jimma Tesfa Established

The Football Project was established in 2013 with a mission to train professional footballers equipped with the right values by promoting a systematic football training system. The project was founded when two young men from South Korea, members of the NGO organization called Loving Concern International, visited Ethiopia for the first time in 2013, along with two young Ethiopians who had a vision of starting a youth football club in their region.

Jimma Tesfa Establishment

Erom Partner Joined

The Academy operated with unincorporated status since its inception. However, in September 2014, The Erom Partners, a South Korean organic food firm, joined the operation management and encouraged academic members to become a corporate body.

Erom Partner Joined

U-15 Team Established

Jimma Tesfa established its U-15 team after meeting with a CAF qualified local coach who shared a vision for youth football development. This initiative marked the launch of the first professional football project in Jimma. Since its establishment, Jimma Tesfa has successfully produced numerous players who are pursuing professional football careers.

U-15 Team Established

Acquisition of TESFA from Local Pro-FC, Jimma Aba Buna FC

TESFA Football Academy achieved significant milestones, including a partnership with the local professional football club, Jimma Aba Bunna, in 2015. They also secured victory in a local football tournament the following year and established a partnership with the Ethiopian Football Federation. Despite its unincorporated status since inception, the academy has expanded its performance and impact.

Acquisition of TESFA from Local Pro-FC

TESFA Football Academy Established

Tesfa Football Academy was officially launched as the first International Football Academy in Addis Ababa. Our goal is to develop world-class football players. We started the year with a FIFA qualified international coaching staff and ample football equipment. Our quality-oriented coaching program attracted hundreds of players and parents, both locally and from international communities.

TESFA Football A.A Establishment


Tesfa Football continues to train young players ranging from five to eighteen years old. Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for players, complemented by professional football training delivered by our certified coaches.

Current Tesfa Football Activities


What we believe : Tesfa Football Academy, as a community centred entity that is upholding youth development as a core value, we use football to help the youth development and contributing for the positive transition to healthy and productive adulthood.

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In September 2014, Jimma Tesfa was registered as a football club with twenty-five young, passionate footballers from the Jimma region by the Ethiopian Football Federation (ETF).

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In 2017, the Gamo Tesfa Project was launched in Chencha, southern Ethiopia, in collaboration with a local NGO called WSG. TESFA Academy has been able to nurture and develop the skills and talents of 25 young players who may represent and play for big clubs in the near future.

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